The best places to buy bras for people with bigger busts (2024)

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I’m going to level with you here–bigger breasts can be the worst sometimes. Sure, they come with some perks, but at the end of the day, they can be a real pain in—well, the shoulders, the back, you name it.

For anyone who lands above a D cup, it can feel a little like the clothing world forgets that you exist. When it comes to finding the right bra, the choices are limited, boring, and sometimes downright ugly. They’re often just sized-up versions of bras designed for much smaller chests, meaning that the sheer weight of your cleavage hasn’t been taken into account in the design. This can lead to unsupported, saggy boobs at best, and severe pain at worst. Finding a comfortable, supportive bra can feel like winning the lottery, and even then you often find yourself sacrificing style to be able to make it through the day.

If this is all sounding a little too familiar, this article is for you. As a larger-chested lady myself, I know how important it is to spend your money wisely in this area. I did the research so that you don’t have to, and pulled together the best places to shop bras for bigger chests.

What are we wearing?

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What to know before you shop

An estimated 80% of bra users are said to be wearing the wrong size. This isn’t shocking, as shopping for a bra can be a confusing and embarrassing experience. However, it’s especially vital for those who wear bigger bras to figure out their proper size to avoid things like shoulder and back pain.

Take a peek at the below steps to ensure you’re shopping for the right size before you shell out cash for another bra that doesn’t fit.

Measure yourself (correctly)

When figuring out your size, you’ll want to use a measuring tape to get it exact. If you don’t have a flexible measuring tape, find a string or cord and use it as you would a tape measure and then line it up with a ruler to see how long it is.

You’ll need to measure both your band and chest width, and then do a little basic math. Subtract your band width from your chest width and you’ll be left with a number in inches. Every inch in difference is a cup size. Lane Bryant offers a great calculator and more detailed instructions for anyone who wants to make sure they’re doing it right.

You can also go into a store and be measured by a professional. JCPenney is a good example of a bigger bra size-friendly retailer that offers bra fittings in-store.

Keep in mind that cup sizes aren’t universal across brands (yeah, I hate it too); at one store you might be a 36H and a 38G at another. Because of this, you’ll want to keep your measurements handy and reference them against sizing charts before purchasing a bra online.

Assess your current bra struggles

Consider your current go-to bras and where they lift you up and let you down (sometimes literally). Think about whether the straps dig in or fall off your shoulders, whether the band is too tight or feels loose against your ribs, and whether any material is causing pain (because it shouldn’t be). In an ideal world, your bra should fit snugly in all of these areas in a pain-free, barely noticeable way.

Consider any additional needs

Bras can be a nightmare for those with physical disabilities and/or sensory sensitivities. They’re a minefield of potential discomfort laced with difficult-to-use elements. If you know that particular types of closing mechanisms will pose a challenge, or that fabric has to be exactly right to sit that close to your skin, it’s important to factor these elements in when shopping for a new bra. Liberare offers some great adaptive bras, and many of the shops below offer front-close and seamless bra options as well.

If you’re more interested in ways to minimize your chest than ways to lift it up, chest binders might be right up your alley. While we’ve included a few below, Gc2b is another great place to look. As a transgender-owned and operated business that specializes in chest binders and sizes that go up to 5XL, most big-busted people will be able to find a binder that’s right for them.

Now that you’re armed with your correct size and your watch-out areas, it’s time to get shopping! If you’re ready to feel supported, comfortable, and fashionable in your bra, check out the businesses below.


Sizes: 38-54, B-DDD

Price: $$

One of the things that I love most about Torrid is that it specializes in larger sizes but never sacrifices fashion to do so. Here you can find everything from sexy looks to purely functional tools, letting you look your best—however that looks for you. They feature a variety of sizes and styles and move well beyond the dreaded three neutral choices that you find at the biggest stores.

As a bonus, Torrid has brick-and-mortar locations throughout the U.S., so you’ll possibly be able to try on a bra in person if that’s your preference.

Our top picks from Torrid:

  • Full-Coverage Balconette 360° Back Smoothing Bra for $22 (Save $33)
  • Wire-Free Push-Up Smooth Straight Back Bra for $33 (Save $22)
  • Wire-Free 360° Back Smoothing Bra for $20 (Save $40)

Shop bras at Torrid

Lane Bryant

The best places to buy bras for people with bigger busts (2)

Sizes: 34-54, B-K

Price: $$

Lane Bryant is another store that’s likely familiar to those who shop plus-sized clothes. Because they create clothing specifically for larger bodies, they’re easy to trust when it comes to the unique challenges of supporting an especially hefty chest. They offer a range of colors and styles, from basic t-shirt bras to sexier lingerie. For someone looking to browse for a lot of different options, they’re a good place to start.

Our top picks from Cacique:

  • Comfort Bliss Lightly Lined Full Coverage Bra for $25 (Save up to $26)
  • Longline Boost Balconette Bra for $34 (Save $35)
  • Comfort Bliss Lightly Lined No-Wire Bra from $45

Shop bras at Lane Bryant

Bare Necessities

The best places to buy bras for people with bigger busts (3)

Sizes: 28-58, A-J

Price: $$-$$$

Bare Necessities is a place where I’ve had some recent luck. Though I was looking for a decidedly unsexy way to eliminate the dreaded boob sweat of hotter months, I found a cute solution to the common problem. Bare Necessities offers a great mix of cute and well-designed items, with whatever level of coverage or support you need.

Though this shop tends to lean more into functionality than cutting-edge fashion when it comes to its larger sizes, you’ll still find some great pieces that are attractive and comfortable.

Our top picks from Bare Necessities:

  • Morgan Side Support Bra from $50
  • Elissa Longline Strapless Bra for $62
  • Kelsey Crop Cami Bra for $70

Shop bras at Bare Necessities


The best places to buy bras for people with bigger busts (4)

Sizes: 28-40, D-L

Price: $$

Bravissimo is another shop that proudly specializes in big boobs. Their size range is impressive, and their range of designs even more so. Whether you’re looking for something to wear around the house or are hunting for a special event, they’ve got you covered.

One nice bonus of shopping with Bravissimo is their wide selection of seamless bras. While these bras are great for avoiding unsightly lines in close-fitting clothes, they’re also ideal for those with sensory sensitivities. The choices in styles and fabrics is ideal for those who have a few extra requirements when it comes to finding the perfect bra.

Our top picks from Bravissimo:

  • Freya Idol Bra for $70
  • Freya Deco Strapless Bra for $69
  • Elomi Brianna Bra for $57 (Save $7)

Shop bras at Bravissimo

Evelyn Bobbie

The best places to buy bras for people with bigger busts (5)

Sizes: S-3XL

Price: $

Evelyn Bobbie was new to me when I started researching, but since then my online cart is (probably a little bit too) full. Their selection is more limited than some of the bigger names, but they also feature bras designed specifically for comfort in a way that many other places don’t.

Their bras are sensory-friendly, with comfortable fabric and seamless designs. They’re also ergonomically designed with big breasts in mind, incorporating everything from moisture-wicking fabrics to strong support in the right places.

One of the best parts of Evelyn Bobbie’s line is their True Complexion Palette, which offers bras in a variety of “nude” shades to give more people their perfect skin tone match.

Our top picks from Evelyn Bobbie:

Shop bras at Evelyn Bobbie


The best places to buy bras for people with bigger busts (6)

Sizes: 3XS-6XL

Price: $

TomboyX is a store that was founded with the idea of making all bodies feel welcome and comfortable. The brand is LGBTQ+-owned and the expertise shows in its designs. While their bra styles don’t vary tremendously, they offer some extremely fun colors and patterns to create the optimal feeling of gender euphoria.

They also specialize in compression tops, which can help flatten and minimize even the largest cleavage. As a bonus, many of their bras are adaptable, such as the compression top pictured here, which is ideal for those who have had top surgery or have other accessibility needs.

Our top picks from TomboyX:

  • Longline Scoop Bra LC Swirling with Pride for $25 (Save $7)
  • Essentials Soft Bra - Progress Pride Stripes for $32
  • Adjustable Compression Top - Black for $42

Shop bras at TomboyX


The best places to buy bras for people with bigger busts (7)

Sizes: 32-54, A-J

Price: $-$$

JCPenney offers a wide range of sizes and doesn’t focus solely on larger busts. Nonetheless, they have a firm understanding of what bigger boobs need. They offer highly functional, comfortable designs that include practical features like seamless design and moisture-wicking structure and fabric. Even so, practicality doesn’t mean a lack of style, as you can see above. Shop JCP for bras that look as good as they feel.

Our top picks from JCPenney:

  • Paramour Delightful Seamless Breathable Lace Contour Bra for $27 with code BUYNOW9 (Save $18)
  • Glamorise Magic Lift Seamless T-Shirt Sports Bra for $46 (Save $11)
  • Elila Swiss Embroidered Underwire Bra for $59 (Save $16)

Shop bras at JCPenney


The best places to buy bras for people with bigger busts (8)

Sizes: XS-6Luxe

Price: $$

For those who are tired of bouncing boobs during their workout, SheFit is the perfect solution. They eliminate the awkward (even painful) bounce with a unique design that lets you batten down the hatches and bring your boobs into line. With different impact levels available, they have options for whatever level of movement is most comfortable for you.

Our top picks from Goddess:

  • Low Impact Sports Bra for $65
  • Ultimate Sports Bra - High Impact for $75
  • Flex Sports Bra - Medium Impact for $75

Shop bras at SheFit

Other retailers to consider

For this list, I wanted to focus on the places that most understand and design specifically for larger-chested people. However, they are by no means the only places that have bras for these sizes. The stores below are great options to look at if you're hoping to continue expanding your bra options. Just be aware that these may take a little extra digging to find the perfect fit compared to others on the list.

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The best places to buy bras for people with bigger busts (2024)
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