Summer holidays, hiking, and water-sports in Feld am See - Active and family sports village Feld am See (2024)

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This is a Carinthian paradise for sailing and surfing enthusiasts who want to clock up the nautical miles.

You can enjoy a summer feeling in the family sports village Feld am See, right on the doorstep. The name of the village says it all. The tranquil village enjoys a unique location by the lakes Brennsee and Afritzer See - both with pleasantly warm, crystal clear water of drinking water quality.

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Windsurfing paradise Brennsee

Lifestyle - Fun - sport in Feld am See

Experience the fascination of flitting across the water! Whether you are a beginner, an improver or a trendy "New Schooler" - a surfing lake with assured wind awaits you in Feld am See. The consistent wind guarantees swift manoeuvres, from powerful tacks to daring freestyle moves...

Suitable equipment, qualified wind surfing instructors: we offer just what is needed for every ability level. Children and adults will be delighted with their progress.

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Sailing on the lake Brennsee

picturesque sailing area FEld am see

Would you like to take to the water with keel boats, jolly-boats, catamarans etc.? Enjoy sailing at Brennsee, one of the lakes in Carinthia where wind is most assured, suitable both for beginners and for more ambitious amateur sailors.

Get to know the fascination of sailing with our qualified team of sailing instructors.

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Trendy water sports

Kayaking - the ultimate experience for everyone

Experience basic instruction with safety tips, an exploratory trip across the lake and a concluding fun regatta. Or you can learn a new and fun sport with the whole family, as a bonding experience. 10 brand new, top kayaks await you!

Stand-up Paddling - the trendy sport for all age groups

Standing on a surf board, with the help of a paddle, we set off across the lake. Give it a go!

Biking paradise NOCKBIKE

mountain bike | road bike | E - bike

The NOCKBIKEregion comprises Bad Kleinkirchheim, Feld am See and Millstatt Lake. From peak challengers to leisurely cyclists - for around 20 years NOCKBIKEhas stood for a unique landscape of mountains and lakes away from the mainstream bike regions. The biking experience ranges from 2000-metre-high peaks and challenging single-trail descents to leisurely tours for families. NEW: The longest Flow Country Trail in Europe with 15 km. More information under

Here you will find the rates for the Kaiserburg cable car

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Swimming in our lakes

take a dip in feld am see

According to legend, the Mirnock giant divided a large lake into two - Brennsee and Afritzer See - a thousand years ago by hurling down a gigantic rock. The reason for his outburst of rage was none other than a pretty fisherman's daughter, who he had captured but had then managed to flee again...

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tennis in feld am see

Did you know that the family sports village Feld am Seeboasts the highest density of tennis courts in Carinthia? There are a total of 14 clay, 2 all-weather and 1 children's courts available.

Fishing in the lakes and ponds

FisHING LAKES brennsee And afritzer See

For over 50 years, the Feld am See fish farm has been managing these two gems in our valley, Gegendtal. Both lakes together have a surface area of around 100 hectares. They are therefore not among the largest lakes in Carinthia, but enjoy an impressive wealth of large fish and a charming location.

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Hiking, jogging and Nordic walking

Nordic WalkING

The fat burning trend: Walking with poles. The form of walking derived from cross-country skiing provides an extra boost for fat burning. The poles make the arms and upper body participate actively. This increases fitness and the burning of calories, releases tensions in the back and eases the pressure on the knee joints. Jogging and Nordic walking trailsat various altitudes are available in Feld am See. Themap ofall the trails is available free of charge in the local tourism office.

HIKING in feld am see

Our hiking trails:2 lakes circuit, Rudolf Greinz Weg, Franz Lechner Weg, Sonnenweg. The Bachweg and Alter Almweg lead up to Feldpannalm, which can also be accessed conveniently by car along a toll road (€ 6,00/coin-operated machine). The Feldpannalm marks the start to the circuit to Wöllaner Nock. The walk takes about 3 hours 40 mins.

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Our mountain chalets at Feldpannalm: WegerhütteandRieserhüttePower mountain Mirnock: From Feld am See, theWeg des Buchestrail leads up to Mirnock. On the way you can call in at the rusticHochalmhütte.

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Golf in the Nockberge

golf in bad kleinkirchheim

at the 18-hole Kaiserburg championship course. Even during the hot summer months, thehighest altitude golf course in Carinthiahas a pleasant climate and you can breathe healthy and clear air.

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golf in obermillstatt

Tee off with a view of the lakeon the sunny high plateau right above Millstatt Lake. Further information

Summer holidays, hiking, and water-sports in Feld am See - Active and family sports village Feld am See (2024)
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