Snyder County Tribune from Middleburg, Pennsylvania (2024)

THE SNYDER COUNTY TRIBUNE, SELINSGROVE, PA. COUNTY TRIBUNE Oldest Republican Newspaper in Snyder County MARY A PHILLIPS, ABERDEEN PHILLIPS, PUBLISHERS Subscription, $1.50 Per Year in Advance. Published every Thursday and entered In the Post Office at Selinsgrove, as second-class Mail matter. ESTABLISHED 1854 ESTABLISHED 1854 THURSDAY, JANUARY 9, 1930 Salem Parish Notes Another happy wedding was solemnized in Salem Lutheran parsonage, Selinsgrove, Saturday evening, January 4 at 8 o'clock, the contracting parties being Albert H. Klingler, of Selinsgrove and Miss Marguerite Irene Kerstetter, of Selinsgrove, R.

D. 1. The Rev. H. G.

Snable performed the ceremony. The parents of both bride and groom are prosperous farmers, the groom being a son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Klingler from near Selinsgrove and the bride the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs.

Cloyd Kerstetter, R. D. 1, Selinsgsrove. VARIETY IS KEYNOTE OF ALL LLOYD FILMS Variety has been the keynote of Harold Lloyd's su cess. He never covers the same territory in any two pictures.

Wien he started lining up his first talking picture, "Welcome Danger" he sought a locale for his action had never been touched by himself. After considering a dozen suggestions, he decided that underground Chinatown offered a great latitude for comedy, and in that decision he made no mistake, judging by the ultimate results in Welcome Danger," which comes to the Stanley Theatre on the 9th and 10th. In his initial audible offering, Lloyd has extremely colorful back-ground thruout the entire story. The sequence in Chinatown which covers approximately half of the picture, extended a liberal invitation for comedy, as well as mystery and thrills, with soun1 to heighten each incident. There is a touch of Belasco in "Welcome Danger," with Lloyd creating a tension with only a darkened screen and the voice to hold an audience tent.

These moments have been handled in masterful fashion, abetted by dislog that commands unerring audience attention. BIRTHDAY ANNIVERSARY DINNER FOR KESSLERS One of the most delightful holiday entertainments was held at the home of Mrs. James P. Kessler of Hummels Wharf in honor of the birthday anniversary of Mr. Thomas P.

Kessler and son, James P. Kessler. The event was marked by a delicious turkey dinner. The guests were all relatives of the Kessler family and were as follows: Mr. and Mrs.

C. S. Kessler, Mr. and Mrs. William Kessler, of Sunbury, Mrs.

Joseph H. Duxberry of Philadelphia; Mr. and Mrs. Ira Swope and children, Mrs. Thomas Hettrick, Miss Bertha Marks, Mr.

and Mrs. James P. Kessler and children. MARRIAGES OF THE WEEK Stauffer-Gelman Nathan B. Stauffer, of Port Trevorton, and Miss Maggie H.

Gelman, also of Port Trevorton, were married on Sunday, December 22, by Rev. John Stauffer, at Port Trevorton. Shaffer-Kratzer Daniel G. Shaffer, of Port Trevorton, and Miss Annabelle Kratzer, of Selinsgrove, entered upon matrimony, on Saturday, December 28. They were married by T.

G. Heilman, a Port Trevorton justice, in his offices in that place. Troutman-Wilson Miss Cora Annabelle Wilson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George S.

Wilson, of Dornsife, became the bride of Harvey A. Troutman, of Greenbrier, in a pretty ceremony at high noon Wednesday at the Wilson residence. The bride was given by her father and the ring ceremony of the Lutheran church was used. Rev. Marlin M.

Enders, Herndon, officiated. Miss Thelma C. Wilson, sister of the bride, was an attendant. Merrill W. Wilson, of Philadelphia, brother of the bride, was best man.

George S. Wilson, of Elizabeth, N. was an usher. POINTS ABOUT TOWN What Is Daily Transpiring Around Us SHORT LOCALS AND PERSONAL DRIFT Mr. and Mrs.

T. E. Meck, of Har- risburg, were recent visitors at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Geo.

M. Bogar. Helen Gemberling returned to her work at Syracuse, New York, where she is taking up library work. Harvey E. Steffen employee of the Groce Silk Mill is confined to his home on the Isle of Que with an attack of the grippe.

Dr. John I. Woodruff of West Walnut street will be the speaker of the evening Friday at the Rotary dinner. George Zettlemoyer is confined to his home on North Eighth street where he is improving after several week's illnesss. Nolan Shambach, of North Market street is seriously ill at his home with pneumonia.

Mr. Shambach is an employee of the Speigelmire department store. Miss Izaro Ulrich of University Heights is confined to her home where she is visited by 'her many friends who wish her a speedy recovery. Prof. and Mrs.

E. M. Brumgart and daughter Lois of W. Walnut street, and Mrs. Harvey Surface, of University Heights spent Friday in Philadelphia.

Dr. W. A. Sadtler returned to his home on W. Pine street after a visit to Baltimore, Washington and Richmond, during the vacation period.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Farleman and Mrs. Bertha Wands attended the funeral of Mrs. Clarence Leiby, at Riverside, Thursday.

Robert Aurand, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Aurand, of West Snyder street, underwent an operation at the offices of Dr. E.

R. Decker. Mrs. Marvin Flickinger, of York, is visiting with her mother, Mrs. Margaret Benfer, of North Orange street.

Mrs. Albert North and son James, of Williamsport, spent several days with Mrs. North's mother, Mrs. Emma J. Keiser, of North Water street.

Mrs. George Wilver of Lykens, returned to her home Friday after spending a week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Simon Wenrick, of north Water street. Mrs.

Isaac Noll and two children returned to their home in Williamsport, Sunday, after spending several weeks with Ammon Noll and daughter, Miss Jessie, of north Water St. Samuel Allison, who spent the holiday season with his parents, returned to Washington, D. on Wednesday. Mrs. C.

Foster Benfer of South High street, spent Friday with her mother, Mrs. Anna Eisenhuth of Orwigsburg. Mr. and Mrs. W.

C. Nicodemus and son Bryce of West Independence street, returned from a ten day tour through Ohio. On their way home, Miss Ruth D. Goff, of Pittsburgh, accompanied them. Mrs.

E. R. Wingard, Miss Adeline Wingard, Miss Marjorie Phillips and Horace Vought spent Saturday in Carlisle, Penna. Mr. and Mrs.

James F. Charles entertained at their home, 17 N. Water street Mr. and Mrs. Herman of Harrisburg.

Mrs. Leisman is a niece of Mrs. Charles. Mr. and Mrs.

Russel Reichley, of Winfield, R. are celebrating the birth of a girl, named Leila, born on New Year's day. Mrs. Chas. T.

Aikens has returned to her Walnut street home after spending the holiday season with the family of Claude G. Aikens in State College. Dr. Charles A. Fisher returned to his home on University Heights Saturday from Vero Beach, Florida, where he spent the holiday vacation with his parents.

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Hummel of New Berlin, spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Cloyd Ritter, Misses Pauline Latscha, Maida Latscha, Verta Biddinger and Allen Bid- L.

dinger, and a friend, from Gowen City, visited with Miss Helen Kern of N. Market street, Sunday. Miss Helen Gemberling of South Water street, returned to Syracuse University to resume her studies in library work. Dr. H.

A. F. Kern, of Susquehanna University, filled- pulpits in Gowen I City, Trevorton and Cameron, Sunday. Dr. A.

W. Ahl, of West Chest-1 nut street, preached in the Milton Lutheran church yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. H.

P. Mutchler of N. Market street, visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E.

B. Mutchler at Grubbs Church, Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bird of Northumberland, spent Saturday at the home of Mr.

and Mrs. H. P. -Mutchler. Mr.

and Mrs. Charles Hall and daughter, Jane, of Gowen City, visited 1 for several days with Mr. Hall's grandfather, Mr. S. J.

Hall, corner of Walnut and High streets. Professor and Mrs. E. M. Brumgart of West Walnut street, and their daughter Lois, and Mrs.

Harvey A. Surface, of University Heights, spent several days visiting in Philadelphia last week. Mr. Arthur Charles and Helen Charles returned to their home Saturday afternoon from Vero Beach, Florida, where they enjoyed the past three weeks. Miss Adeline Wingard left here on Tuesday for Breneau College, Gainesville, where she will resume her studies.

Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Renninger and Mr.

and Mrs. E. H. Aurand of West Snyder street, attended the funeral of Levi Aurand at Kreamer Monday morning. Members of the class number nine of the Methodist Sunday School enjoyed a short motor trip to the Speigelmire Fox Farms yesterday afternoon.

Dr. and Mrs. Harvey A. Surface, of University Heights, visited with Professor H. C.

Klinger, of Liverpool, on Sunday. Professor Klinger was the former secretary of the State Beekeepers' Association. He is now the district president of the P. O. S.

of A. Mrs. Edith Kocher entertained at a turkey dinner, Sunday evening: at five o'clock, her children and their families. Those present were Mr. and Mrs.

Arthur Ludwig and six children, Mr. and Mrs. Luke Bogar and two sons, Misses Cora and Dorothy Kocher, Frank Kocher, Miss Nettie Wagner and Russel Search. DEATHS OF THE WEEK IN THE COUNTY LEVI AURAND Following a long illness with dropsy, Levi Aurand. a retired Pennsylvania railroad employe, died at 2:30 o'clock Thursday afternoon at the home of his son, William Aurand, in Kreamer.

He was aged seventy-three years. His wife died a year ago and he is survived by two sons, William, with whom he resided, Samuel, of near Kreamer, and Charles of Salem, two daughters, Mrs. William Renninger of Selinsgrove, and Mrs. A. B.

Coleman, residing near Erdley's church. Funeral serivces were held Monday morning. Burial was made in Salem church cemetery. NOAH BROUSE From the affects of a fall suffered several months ago, Noah Brouse, who was in his eighty-second year, died Thursday at the home of his niece, Mrs. M.

S. Hollenbach at Kratzerville. He was a lifelong resident of that section and during his active life was engaged as a carpenter. He is survived by one son, Foster, of Kreamer, a sister, Miss Eva Brouse, of Lewisburg, and a brother, Henry, of Winfield, R. D.

Funeral services were held on Sunday morning at 10 o'clock from the Hollenbach home, followed by services at the Reformed church in Kratzerville, with burial in the church cemetery. TOOK SODA FOR STOMAGHE FOR 20 YEARS "For 20 years I took soda for indigestion and stomach gas. Then I tried Adlerika. One bottle brought complete B. Hardy.

Adlerika relieves GAS and sour stomach in TEN minutes! Acts on BOTH upper and lower bowel, removing poisons you never knew were there. Don't fool with medicine which cleans only PART of the bowels, but let Adlerika give stomach and bowels a REAL cleaning and see how good you feel! Lytle's Pharmacy. Snook-Krick Snook and Miss Mildred of McClure, were marparsonage of Rev. H. Beaver Springs, on Sat28.

The First National Bank of Selins Grove Established 1864 Capital, Surplus and Undivided Profits 3000,000.00 Resources Over 1,800,000.00 DIRECTORS A. L. ALLINSON WM. M. SCHNURE FRANK A.



C. WALTER, Gashier CLAYTON E. LEACH, Assistant Cashier We Pay 4 Per Cent Interest on Time Deposits We have safe deposit boxes for rent in modern burglar and fireproof vault for the storage of valuables. We have every modern convenience and facility for conducting the banking business. We willbuy and sell stocks and bonds for you.

We act as executor, administrator and in all other trust capacities. your patronage and assure you prompt attention in any matter We solicit you may entrust to us. We will welcome your inquiries regarding any banking service. The First National Bank of Selins Grove SELINS GROVE, PENNSYLVANIA. CANCEREREE REQUEST BOOK Tells cause of cancer and what to do for pain, bleeding, odor, etc.

Write for it today, mentioning this paper. Address ndianapolis Cancer Hospital, Indianapolis, Ind. THE BEST SEAT IN THE HOUSE BREMER TULLY RADIO for New DISTANCE RECORDS Model 82-De Luxe French Door Console, hand finished walnut with Burl doors. All electric, 9 rubes including rectifier and voltage regulator. Micro-Balanced Chassis.

10-inch Super-Dynamic tone-true speaker. $177.50 Come in for a Demonstration SPEIGELMIRE'S Selinsgrove, Pa. A BREMER INSTRUMENT For Insurance See Aberdeen Phillips Candy! Candy! SPECIAL 2 1-2 POUND BOX "Homemaid" Assorted Chocolates for 98c 5 POUND BOX "Old Home" Assorted Chocolates for $1.98 HEADQUARTERS FOR Sheaffer's Fountain Pens Pencils Gift Combinations Many other articles suitable for gifts. Call and see. LYTLE'S PHARMACY The Sexall.


Russel D. Krick, both ried in the Zechman, of urday, December CASH jewelry, PAID diamonds, for dental platinum. gold, ROBERT UHLER, 1217 President Street, Brooklyn New York. t. For Clean News read the Tribune.

Zeckman's Garage Cor. Mill and Market Sts. HIGH GRADE OILS GASOLINE REPAIRS Phone 92.

Snyder County Tribune from Middleburg, Pennsylvania (2024)
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