'I'm a DD-cup — these are my favourite sports bras for bigger busts' (2024)

'I'm a DD-cup — these are my favourite sports bras for bigger busts' (1)

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Searching for a sports bra when you've got a big bust can be as difficult as deciding which running shoes you're going to purchase next. There's no shortage of sports bras on the market, but they can vary from compression to encapsulation style depending on a person's breast size.

If you’re a DD-cup +, you'll know that light- or medium-support bras simply don't cut it for high-impact exercise like running. The best sports bras for bigger busts tend to be a combination style, combining the qualities of encapsulation and compression into one.

But which bras are actually worth your buck, and aren't going to dig in and chafe over the longer miles? We've put a number of high-support bras through their paces (quite literally) to bring you our pick of the ones that are genuinely comfortable and eliminate bounce.

How should a sports bra fit?

Mari Thomas, founder of Maaree bras, says the most important factor when it comes to choosing a sports bra is making sure the underband is nice and snug.

'At least 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra, and a lot of the time it’s down to the underband not being tight enough,' she says. Another issue is the cup size not being large enough.

With a high impact bra, you want to pay attention to the fabric, adds Thomas. 'You want the bra to have as little stretch as possible in the front, because if the fabric is allowed to stretch then your boobs are going to stretch.'

According to Thomas, the mistake a lot of women make is that they get measured 'that one time in their teens and that’s the size they’ll stick with for the rest of their life'. She suggests treating bra shopping like jean shopping: 'Go with a rough size for yourself, and don’t assume you’re the same size in every shop.'

How to measure your bra size at home

Get a tape measure and, with the inches side facing outwards, put the tape the whole way under your bust, making sure the tape is nice and straight the whole way round. ‘You want to pull it so it’s fairly snug,’ says Thomas.

This measurement is your band size. If you’re an odd number (e.g. 33), you'll want to go up to the next even number (e.g. 34).

Next, go around the middle of your bust with the tape measure – this time, don't go as tightly. 'It’s helpful if you’re wearing a bra too, so that everything is lifted into the position it should be,' says Thomas.

Now, take this second measurement and minus it from your underband measurement. If it’s a difference of 1, you’re an A cup; a difference of 2, a B cup; a difference of 3, a C cup, and so on.

With moulded cups, you'll tend to want to go a cup size down, says Thomas.

How we test sports bras for bigger busts

In order to test out these sports bras, we ran in them several times each of the course of several weeks. We took note of the level of support, how easy they were to get on, how flattering they were and how comfortable they were to wear — including over marathons and half-marathons. For reference, our primary tester is a 32DD.

The best sports bras for runners with larger breasts

'I'm a DD-cup — these are my favourite sports bras for bigger busts' (13)


Sweaty Betty Zero Gravity Running Bra

'I'm a DD-cup — these are my favourite sports bras for bigger busts' (14)

Testers described Sweaty Betty's ultimate high-support bra as 'an absolute game changer'. Wide adjustable straps with a hook-and-eye closure at the underband and quick-release top clasp provide a secure and supportive fit, while an anti-bounce design ensures breasts stay firmly in place without feeling squished. The sweat-wicking fabric is soft and smooth, and there's nine different colours to choose from.

Sizes30-38 A-F


H&M DryMove High Support Sports Bra

'I'm a DD-cup — these are my favourite sports bras for bigger busts' (15)

This was a 'love at first run' kind of sports bra and possibly the best high-street option we've tested for larger busts. The DryMove fabric is smooth against the skin and extremely sweat wicking, with lightly padded, moulded cups helping you to feel well supported. The hook-and-eye underband is fantastic — in fact, our e-commerce editor described it as 'the perfect fit': it's got enough tension to make you feel instantly supported and snug, but enough give that it's not a struggle to do it up yourself. The wide shoulder straps are adjustable, too, and the bra runs true to size. A great value option for under £35.

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Kalenji Jog Kokoon Running Bra

'I'm a DD-cup — these are my favourite sports bras for bigger busts' (16)

The first thing you notice with this bra is the luxurious lycra-like feel of the fabric, which impressed our tester, given it retails for under £30. It was also one of the easiest bras to get on, thanks to its front-facing zip and hook-and-eye closure. The overall effect is one that almost hoists the breasts up, rather than strapping them down.

This isn't a problem, but if you're ditching your running top it might leave you feeling more exposed. The straps are fully adjustable, and slightly wider than some of the other bras we've tested. Our only issue was that it felt like there was an excessive amount of material around the cups themselves, which reduced breathability over longer distances.

Key specs

ColourOne (black)

Don’t fancy shelling out big bucks on a luxe design? Consider this affordable bra from good old M&S, which doesn’t mess around when it comes to performance. Adjustable straps, wiring and a quadruple hook-eye fastening provide next-level support and bounce protection, while moisture-wicking technology promises to keep you cool and comfortable as you get your sweat on.

‘It’s my new favourite sports bra,’ said one happy tester.

The sizing was very hit and miss with this bra, though, so we’d recommend ordering a few to try. But all in all, a brilliant budget buy.

Sizes32-42 AH-F


Runderwear Power Running Bra

'I'm a DD-cup — these are my favourite sports bras for bigger busts' (18)

The Power bra might not win many awards when it comes to style, but in terms of supportiveness it does a superb job. A lot of the bounce-free support comes from the wide underband, and there’s not one, but two hook-and-eye closures on the back, along with adjustable straps, so there's plenty of leeway to find a comfortable fit. The cups are moulded (no annoying removable pads here), but not so much that you need a really ‘full’ bust to pad them out. We’re also big fans of the fabric, which feels super soft and keeps us dry, even on warmer days.

Sizes30-42 C-F

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Lululemon Energy Bra High Support

'I'm a DD-cup — these are my favourite sports bras for bigger busts' (19)

Designed specifically for running, the Energy Bra offers the high support and bounce control you would expect from a high-impact from Lululemon - but what really sets it apart is how comfy it is to run in. It doesn't ride up and the adjustable straps across the back mean you can get the fit exactly right. This bra's sturdy and stretchy double-cross back straps, coupled with its wide comfy back band, featuring a three-step hook-and-eye closure, make it an excellent choice for women with larger cup sizes.

Key specs

Sizes32-40 B-DDD


Sweaty Betty Power Pro Running Bra

'I'm a DD-cup — these are my favourite sports bras for bigger busts' (20)

Another great option from Sweaty Betty, the Power Pro bra replaces the Ultra Run bra, which was interchangeable between a U-back and a racerback design. It's now a racerback design only (and one that provides more support), with thick adjustable straps and contoured cups. The cups aren't moulded, but we actually found this a lot less faff when it came to washing it.

Our only criticism is that the straps aren't super adjustable, so it can be a bit of a squeeze getting the bra over your head. This is probably why it's only available up to an F-cup. Once it's on, though, the support is fantastic and holds you firmly in place. Our e-commerce editor wore it during a multi-stage ultramarathon and reported absolutely no breast chafe at the end of the week.

Sizes30-38 A-F


PeBe Impact Sports Bra 3.0

'I'm a DD-cup — these are my favourite sports bras for bigger busts' (21)

Looking for high-impact support without the squish? With research finding that your breasts move in a figure of eight motion when you run, the PeBe Impact Sports Bra features a unique figure-of-eight looped contour layer called WRAPA® technology. This is designed to work with your natural movement to support your breasts.

Our tester reported feeling like their breasts were supported and bounce-free, without the ‘crushing’ sensation that some other high-impact sports bras can create. The bra itself is very rigid, with pretty much zero stretch. While this is ideal for support, it won’t be for everyone and it does mean you need to take extra care in making sure you’ve measured yourself correctly as there’s no give in the underband. Our tester is in between sizes on the ribs and found opting for the size up provided the best fit.

The bra fastens by a hook-and-eye closure on the back, and then adjustable strap clasps at the front – this makes the PeBe a lot easier to adjust than other bras and means you can easily switch from racerback to standard straps.

Sizes28-38 DD-GG
ColoursTwo (ice blue/black)

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Under Armour Infinity 2.0 High Sports Bra

'I'm a DD-cup — these are my favourite sports bras for bigger busts' (22)

We've been fans of UA's Infinity High bra for a number of years now, with our e-commerce editor having ran a number of marathons in the original. It's recently had a revamp, too, and now it's better than ever.

The bra was designed in tandem with the University of Portsmouth to work around the way that breasts move while in motion. Whereas most sports bras are made by cutting two breast-shaped cups from flat padding, then gluing and layering pieces of foam on top, the Infinity High bra injects the foam with liquid to create a natural shape that is supposed to move with the figure-8 pattern of the breasts.

Previously, our only criticism was the minimal range of sizes, but the new updated size range makes it easier than ever to find your precise fit — especially if you're someone with a small underband but large cup size, for example.

Combine this with a new front convertible and adjustable strap design, and easy hook-and-eye closure, and you’ve got a super comfortable bra that offers maximum support.

SizesXS-XL, A-C or D-DD


Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra

'I'm a DD-cup — these are my favourite sports bras for bigger busts' (23)

Shock Absorber's Ultimate Run Bra has accumulated something of a cult following over the years, particularly among the larger-breasted running community. Though be warned: sizing can be hit and miss. In fact, Shock Absorber recommends sizing up, and we'd agree — both on the band and the cup.

But it's worth going through the trouble to get the correct fit, because this is another quality bra that keeps your breasts firmly in place. It does up in two places — the rear back band and between the shoulder blades, so you feel extra secure. The fabric is silky soft too. The only downside is it's not the most stylish sports bra on the market, despite the release of jazzier colourways.

Key specs

Sizes32-38 B-F


Adidas FastImpact Luxe Run High-Support

'I'm a DD-cup — these are my favourite sports bras for bigger busts' (24)

The FastImpact Luxe from Adidas is an unusual design: it pulls on over the head like a compression bra, but instead of a traditional hook and eye closure, it has swan hooks on the elastic chest band and straps. This allows you to customise the fit and shape. Full disclosure: it’s not the easiest bra to wriggle into. However, once it’s on, the breasts are held firmly in place and the silky material has a comfortable lycra-like feel that wicks away potentially the best of any of the products in this line-up.

Key specs

Sizes2XS-XL A-C or D-DD

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Maaree Solidarity High-Impact Sports Bra

'I'm a DD-cup — these are my favourite sports bras for bigger busts' (25)

Right, bold claim incoming: this might just be the most supportive sports bra our e-comms ed has ever tried. Sure, it’s not cheap. But when you consider the quality and technical elements that have gone into it, we can see why. The hero is the overband: an adjustable panel that runs over the top of the breasts, in order to reduce upward motion. This, coupled with a snug underband, holds the breasts firmly but comfortably in place. We’re talking zero bounce.

We would recommend getting an online fitting to make sure you order the right size, however, as the band does run small. The wide straps are also super comfortable, and convert between a H-back or racerback style for extra support.

Key specs

Sizes28-38 C-H


Panache Sport Ultimate Non-Wired Sports Bra

'I'm a DD-cup — these are my favourite sports bras for bigger busts' (26)

If you're above a D-cup but can't stand underwired sports bras, you'll like Panache's Ultimate Non-Wired bra. The cups are moulded, so you don't have to worry about any removable pads, and it's a seam-free design to help minimise chafe.

The bra uses a traditional three hook-and-eye closure and then, similarly to other bras in this guide, there's an optional J-Hook on the shoulder straps if you want additional support. We found the bra was fine left as a H-back for gym-based strength and conditioning, but we needed the additional support from the J-Hook for running. Also note that the band size does run slightly small - we opted for a 32, rather than our usual 30 size, and found it provided the right level of snugness. The cups run true to size, though, so opt for your regular size.

The overall design isn't anything to write home about, but this isn't a massive issue if you're wearing a vest or t-shirt over the top. If this is a dealbreaker though, the bra is available in a funkier pattern.

Key specs

Sizes30-40 B-HH
'I'm a DD-cup — these are my favourite sports bras for bigger busts' (2024)
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