Here, We Are Infinite - Chapter 2 - fireblazingpig113 - 崩坏:星穹铁道 (2024)

Chapter Text

“You feel familiar.”

“We have never met before.”

“Yes we have…somewhere…”

You know those scenes from the movies where the main character is having a moment and suddenly a record scratches and they come tumbling back to reality? That was how Sunday felt.

Sunday, much like a startled cat, abruptly swung around to face the owner of the voice.

There, behind him, stood a finely dressed man with his hands in his pocket. From his shaggy brown hair, the stubble on his face, and his brown—kind of reddish eyes to the way he stood, confident yet relaxed, the prominent muscles on his arms, and his wide shoulders…the man was the embodiment of a wet dream and pheromones.

Sunday was suddenly enraptured, like he had tunnel vision and all he could see was this sex god. His heartbeat sped up, like a cadillac in a freeway, and he just knew instantly that it wasn’t because he was nervous. A memory began to play in his mind, of a hot summer many years ago, back when Sunday was a mere boy.

He remembered watching TV and he stumbled across a romantic movie where the main character said that falling in love and having a panic attack felt the same. The rapid heartbeat, the shaky breaths, the sweaty palms, nausea, restlessness—symptoms common between falling in love and a panic attack…the only difference was that having a panic attack was a lot less scary.

Sunday thinks it’s silly; to be so enraptured by someone you’ve never met. Yet here he was, falling with a stranger who looked like he bites.

A laugh from the stranger broke Sunday’s trance.

“You just fell in love with me. And don’t bother arguing, I saw it in your face.” He asked, his arms now crossed over his chest, his expression was a mix of smug, amused, and awfully fond.

Good God, look at the size of those things.

Behind his strong attraction, Sunday found himself chuckling softly at the man’s declaration.

“That obvious?” He asked, entertaining the man.

The man chuckled and shook his head before holding out a hand.

“The name’s Gallagher. And you, angel?” The man, Gallagher, said, shooting Sunday a charming grin when he took his hand in a firm shake.


Gallagher’s smile widened and Sunday’s heart jumped out of his chest.

“Very fitting. An angel named Sunday…” He mumbled to himself before he cleared his throat.

“How about a tour of the city? I swear it will be worth your while.”

Sunday smiled. Somehow, he felt oddly relaxed with Gallagher.

“Sure…I’d appreciate that.”

Gallagher looked pleased, his eyes shining as he held out an arm for Sunday. Sunday, looking amused, instinctively took it.

Everything felt familiar, as if his muscles knew exactly what to do the moment his arm was linked with Gallagher’s.

And as they walked down the street, Sunday couldn’t shake the feeling of deja vu as he looked around the bright city streets crowded with people.

I’ve been here before. His brain helpfully supplies, yet when he tried to bring up a memory, there was nothing but blackness.

“This place is called Golden Hour, basically the hotpot for shops, food, and everything you can dream of…” Gallagher said, waving to the scene around them.

Somehow, Sunday already knew that.

“Penacony.” He mumbled, the name rolling off his tongue as if it were wine that was as sweet as honey.

Gallagher looked at Sunday, a bemused look on his face.

“Yeah. We’re at Penacony, the Land of Dreams.” He said with a grin that looked a bit fonder than the last one.

“Come, there’s one last place I’d like to take you.” Gallagher said, tugging Sunday along.

Sunday blinked and suddenly, he was standing in front of a grand theater, unable to suppress his awe.

“This is the Penacony Grand Theater.” Gallagher said, looking pleased with himself for leaving Sunday in awe.

“Come on, let’s go inside.”

Gallagher led Sunday inside and into one of the fancy second floor booths in opera houses, giving Sunday a clear view of the stage, where a large mechanical robot that looked a lot like an angel stood, a conductor’s stick in its hands.

Like a typical orchestra, several other mechanical angels stood in front of the big one, holding various instruments.

Then, the large mechanical robot had begun moving, smoothly, and with a flick of its conductor’s stick, the angel’s began playing.

“This is known as the Harmonious Choir. They’re really good at classical music.” Gallagher supplies.

Sunday attention was completely on the choir. They played so well, easily surpassing any symphony concerts Sunday had seen.

In the climax of the concert, Sunday turned to Gallagher, who was less interested in the choir and more interested in studying Sunday’s face, as if he was memorizing every slope and curve.

“How did you know I like classical music?” Sunday asked, more curious rather than suspicious.

Gallagher found himself letting out a chuckle, leaning back on his seat.

“I guess I just know you like that.”

Sunday was confused by the statement, but he decided not to press and instead focused on enjoying the concert.

When the concert ended, Gallagher took Sunday to a bar named Dreamjolt Hostelry and briefly introduced him to the bartender Siobhan.

“I’ll have two of the usual.” Gallagher said as he sat on a stool, motioning for Sunday to come and join him.

Siobhan glanced at Sunday before she smiled.

“Gotcha, boss.” She said before walking off to prepare their drinks.

While they waited for their drinks, the two men sat in a relatively relaxed silence.

Then, Gallagher sighed and turned to face Sunday.

“I’ve got a confession to make.” He announced, his gaze casted downwards.

Sunday raised a brow, puzzled.

Gallagher took a deep breath before he met Sunday’s gaze, brown meets gold.

“This isn’t the first time I’ve been in your dreams, angel.”

Here, We Are Infinite - Chapter 2 - fireblazingpig113 - 崩坏:星穹铁道 (2024)
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