15 bridal shower game ideas to celebrate your BFF's big day (2024)

After years of friendship, it's safe to say you likely know your best friend better than she knows herself.

After all, that's why she asked you to put together the perfect bridal shower to celebrate her big day surrounded by family and friends.

If you find yourself in the midst of planning a bridal shower for someone special, then we've got all the creative bridal shower game inspiration you could ever need. After all, the goal of a wedding shower is to get all of the guests involved, bridesmaids and grandparents included.

Learn more about each other through a few rounds of an icebreaker game, like two truths and a lie, or indulge your inner Picasso with a paint and sip session.

Or you can get your competitive juices flowing with a DIY wedding dress competition followed by a spirited game of pass the bouquet.

From bridal Mad Libs to newlywed trivia questions, guests will appreciate these creative and interactive bridal shower game ideas for any and all types of soirées.

Paint and sip

Who doesn’t love a classic paint and sip session with your crew? This creative party idea is as easy as it is fun: just grab some wine, a few blank canvases, and plenty of paint. You can even create a theme based on the bride’s interests, or ask guests try to paint the betrothed couple.

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The Newlywed Game

Based on the 60's game show, this trivia game is a great way to involve both to-be-weds in the fun. Have each half of the couple answer a list of trivia questions ahead of the party, and see how well the couple can predict each other's answers.

Pin the veil on the bride

Add a bridal twist to the classic "pin the tail on the donkey" game. Print out a large poster of the bride, and watch as your blindfolded guests attempt to stick the veil on her head. You can also try out different versions like pinning a ring or bow tie on the bride-to-be.

Cake tasting game

This delicious game will get everyone excited for the wedding reception. Bring in some cupcakes or small treats baked in the bride's favorite flavors. Guests can taste a variety of cakes, guess the flavor, and place their bets on which one will make the cut as the couple's wedding cake of choice.

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DIY wedding dress

Summon your inner fashionista for this creative party game. Guests will have 15 minutes to craft wedding dresses out of toilet paper, and then model their creations for the bride. If you want to minimize waste, old sheets or fabric scraps will also do the trick. May the best DIY dress win!

Guess the age

Gather some cute photos of the bride at various ages, and have guests guess how old the bride was in each pic. It's the perfect way to include all of the bride's loved ones, from childhood besties to coworkers. Best of all, you'll get to ooh and ahh over how adorable your bestie is at every stage of life.

Wedding charades

This wedding-themed twist on classic charades will have everyone bursting with giggles. Act out wedding events like walking down the aisle, exchanging rings, and cutting the cake, or challenge guests with slightly trickier phrases like "tying the knot" or "till death do us part." Playing an interactive game is also a great way to break the ice between guests who haven't met before.

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Bride-to-be trivia

Compile a list of easy and fun trivia questions about the bride, and see how many the guests can answer. You can have the bride provide fun facts ahead of time, or put the list together yourself. For some extra pizzazz, turn this game into a slideshow with photos of the bride.

Two truths and a lie

This icebreaker game is a great way to get to know all the bridal shower guests. Once you figure out which details are fact or fiction, you'll have a plethora of new conversation topics. After all, you all have at least one thing in common: your friendship with the bride.

What’s in your purse?

Mom friends, rejoice: this game is for you. Make a score sheet with different points for common purse items like hand sanitizer, lipstick, and sunglasses. We all have that one friend who seems to have everything but the kitchen sink in her purse. You'll definitely find out who you can ask for a spare tissue or nail file in an emergency.

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Wedding Mad Libs

Your guests (noun) will love (verb) this goofy (adjective) game. A round of wedding-themed Mad Libs will have the whole group laughing at the zany sentences you create. You can use an existing Mad Libs template or come up with a scenario of your own, from bridesmaid speeches to vows.

Would she rather?

Would the bride rather have her wedding underwater, or at the top of a mountain? How about wearing a dress made of feathers or shoes made of bricks? Test how well your guests know the bride with some fun "would you rather" questions. You might even find out something new about your bestie.

Pass the bouquet

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Think hot potato, but for adults. Have your guests sit in a circle and pass a (fake) bridal bouquet around while music plays. Whoever is holding the bouquet when the music stops will be eliminated from the game. Don't forget to remind your guests that this is a friendly competition!

Marriage advice book

The most special part of a bridal shower is having all your loved ones surround you with love, support, and excitement. Have guests quietly write down their best marriage advice for the bride in a notebook, and then present it to the bride near the end of the shower. She'll cherish this sweet gift forever.

Wedding Jeopardy!

If you and your friends love Jeopardy!, a wedding-themed game will delight the whole crowd. Whether you're a trivia aficionado or a novice, everyone can participate in categories like love quotes, famous couples, wedding facts and traditions, and love songs. The winner gets bragging rights and an extra mimosa.

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15 bridal shower game ideas to celebrate your BFF's big day (2024)
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